Jasminum Sambac. (Mysore Mulli) Throughout India we are used to looking at all the varieties of jasmines and taking in their fragrance with deep breath. And as you travel towards Southern India, due to hot and humid climate, we just take it for granted all the beauty and fragrance Jasminum Sambac offers. Yet there are always some more favorites than the others. Take for example in Mysore and and surrounding areas, this particular variety of Jasminum Sambac is extremely popular and favorite to many plant lovers. Thus I think it is appropriate to name it as such "Mysore Mulli". The sheer production of flowers (When Matured) produce fragrance which appear to be more fragrant than (Butt Mograw). Free flowering like its cousin 'Maid Of Orleans' except the flowers are full double like it's uncle 'Grand Duke of Tuscany'. The flowers stay on the stems until they fade. Must have very well drained soil. Partial sun and light fertilizer should keep this one blooming throughout summer into fall.

2007 Photos copyright Nari Bhatia

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Mysore Mulli

J. Sambac Mysore Mulli

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